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Our Story

Shelley, Peggy & Keyah

In 2004, after watching an episode of Oprah highlighting ideas born on the kitchen tables of several entrepreneurial venturers, Peggy, Shelley, and Keyah (mom, and 2 daughters) thought they'd like to come up with an idea that put to use their skills, talent, and ideas as a joint effort -- out of it was born the first Chic Boutique, an in-home shopping affair with the ladies, hosted by NRoyalFashion the event planning service of Quad Creations event planning & management.

With MaryKay products and services rendered by Keyah's godmother, Ms. Theresa, jewelry and accessories provided by Kim Hunt, Accessory Queen, one-of-a-kind jewelry designed by Mischell Hatcher of Charbrai Designs, and homemade food prepared by the trio, Chic Boutique got an overwhelming positive response, and welcomed about 40 women into Keyah's home...from then on, we knew we needed More Space! 

Since then, Chic Boutique events have been held in church, in various event facilities around Maryland, and have traveled as far as Charlotte.  We venture to King of Prussia, PA, New York or other outlet shopping trips on alternate years...since Chic Boutique is held every other year.  This 10th anniversary Chic Boutique marks the 4th road trip, and the 5th indoor vendor fair...so Welcome...come and bring your family and your friends - to The Golden Shopportunity! You'll be soooo glad you did!

 After all, it's a family affair!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------During the heat filled days of summer, when a lot of my friends were out and about, playing hide-n-go-seek, skating in the middle of the street, sneaking nasty green stick looking things we called 'cigars' off the big tree out back, or simply sitting on the front steps, I recall a lot of my time spent cutting up, sewing together, and drawing designs on material from the bottoms of jeans, cordorouy pants, plaid pants, wool pants & any other pants, or fabric I could get my hands on without getting into trouble.  I transformed those seemingly scraps, but fabric treasures to me, into blouses, suits, coats, shoes, with matching hats, purses, and even boots, into stylish outfits for my dolls; after I was tricked out of the last doll at 13 years old, I resorted to drawing shoes, clothes, and houses in art class and any other class where i finished my work first, or while the teacher was yapping.  After melting a few dolls' hair do's with the straightening comb, I began to 'wash & set' their hair, using torn, twisted, pieces of brown paper bags (yall remember that :-)) to make tight beautiful curls, that I styled for hours, and I was no stranger to using colorful nail polish on their cheeks and eyelids to finish off their 'dressed to the t' look,  was I the only one? I'm sure I wasn't!  What drastic measures do you recall taking, to respond to that passion for fashion inside U?  Come on, fess up!  That desire started somewhere...we have a guest book, a contact page, My Space, Twitter, and Facebook just for you - tell ur side of the story today!  Inspire those around you & watch it boomerang!  Chic Boutique inspires my love for family togetherness, fashion, travel, event planning and just enjoying the things life has to offer.  Yall Be Blessed, Love In Christ Always,

D. "Shelley" McDuffie, Event Coordinator                                                               NRoyalFashion sponsoring Chic Boutique

                                                  Fashion~Food~Fun......Always Mix  

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